original mixes of Grass Stains' Bounce House resurface

    by judge russell

    June 03 2021

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    Good east-coast evening all y'all... I'm prerecording my radio show for WMUA right now (all summer at 6 PM - 8 PM on Wednesdays on WMUA) and clearing out my hard drive and found something I thought I didn't have. The thing in question being the original mixes of my old band Grass Stains's record Bounce House. The remixes, more easily found, added some additions and omissions that overall, improve the record, but I believe the original mixes should also be out there. So for posterity's sake, here are the original mixes from the summer of 2017. I went home to Connecticut this weekend, and saw some of my friends who I made this record with for the first time in almost two years. We played some old and new songs and enjoyed each others' company. It reminded me of how much of an accomplishment this record was (and still is) for me. The original mixes feel a lot more like a live band playing, with the only dubs (if I recall correctly) being on my Moon Song. We tracked it all live with no click-track, which I still believe was the right way to do things. If you've never heard of my old band, and like groovy, angsty, ambitious indie rock, I would say listen to this group of teens. And not, for example, some child star with a punk-reminiscent sound. :p

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