talking about the game we're making

    by judge russell

    December 20 2020

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    Hello dear reader(s) of this blog! I read in an interview from Videocult, the developers of the mindboggingly good Rain World that it's good to keep a devlog if you're making a video game. And I have decided that if I don't make a video game, I will go insane. Chances are I will go insane if I make a video game, I will go insane in a different fashion, and wind up with something I made in my digital hands. I gathered my good friends Alex [redacted], and Aaron [redacted] to collaborate on making something beautiful (or at least entertaining).

    I'm saying all this because this is the first devlog post. These will be in a separate location on this blog soon, as I'm planning on making some changes in how the site is designed, including adding a comment box, and turning the main blog, the Truth archives, and the devlog into separate blogs with their own entries.

    The game we're making, well I'm not going to pitch it to you, but what you can know is that it is a puzzle and matchmaking game about eight hopeless romantics living in a single apartment building. I'll be doing programming and level design and music and some writing, Legs will be handling writing and music and some level design, Aaron will be doing writing and most of the art, and Ariya (I think they're on board...) will be doing other art and writing.

    I've been playing around in Unity, feeling more confident since I just finished a project in Unity for a class I took this semester, and came up with a few bits of the game!

    warning these gifs don't play, you have to click them to watch the animation. i'm gonna fix the website i swear

    I made a class of interactable objects, that can be clicked on, interacted with, and moved around.


     As well, I made a class of AI agents, and gave them some basic routines we can build more puzzles off of. Their movement is based on a waypoint system where they can travel between waypoints I have created. In the gif below you can see the edges of the waypoints but not the points themselves. Currently they can pace between two different locations and follow a certain object. The follow algorithm raycasts and detects if there is something obstructing the line of sight between them and the object.


    I also made a dialogue system, that takes into account what day of the week and what week of the game it is, the characters and their friendliness level, and their current emotion. Granted, you can't see any of that in this gif, but be assured it works!


    Lastly, I made a little snow effect I like a lot. It snowed out here in Western Massachusetts today. So far this winter I like snow a lot. This may be because I don't have to shovel my apartment and I skipped out on winter last year by running away to Spain. Being cozy in my house in the snow just feels right this year.



    thanks to Aaron for making the thumbnail art, thanks for DQ for the slime and hero sprites, and thanks to Supergiant Games for the other sprite

    anyways my friends have left the video chat, and my real-life friends have left my house to see their parents, so I'm going to go downstairs and make some dinner and then record a music-only episode of Truth later. thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

    judge russell, 12/20/20, amherst, massachusetts

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