special guest JASON KAPONO shares his opinion on MARI GETI's newest record

    by jason kapono

    March 03 2021

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    After a period of mysterious Mexican exile, Mari Geti emerged from the shadows a newly bearded man and his most introspective yet. Only Mari knows what type of tangled adventures he found himself in, but Many Voices attempts to probe at the man behind the gonzo psyche. 

    Walls of sound are built on manipulated vocals and chilly synths creating a wondrous, dream-like tone throughout the album. Playful marimbas, deep pianos and percussive textures clash with punky back beats and fuzzed out backdrops on tracks like LIKE ME and GOOD TO KNOW. That said, the beats never cease to knock. 

    Existentialism and self-worth are major themes as Mari attempts to navigate life as a young man in a world that doesn’t treat him kindly. BIG ENOUGH explores his faith as his recalls the prayers that got him through the awkward hell of bullies and schoolyard chastising. 

    Always the experimentalist, Mari Geti’s delivery takes several forms. Ranging from a sad deadpan to a post-Muppet croak, he aims to wring out emotion and help build characters with layered takes and inventive songwriting. It works on songs like PYRAMID IN THE SKY where the dissonance between heartwarming keys and the voices in Geti's world merge. This style is met with mixed results on SELF where a serious self analyzation is blurred between the many strokes of paint beneath it. 

    HAHAHA and IT GO FAST bring the project to a sweet close with Mari doing what he does best. Frenetic honest rapping combined with emotive alt-pop hooks and production only him and a 2015 Diplo could replicate. Throughout MANY VOICES the highs of escapism, money, and young love are contrasted with the ever present anxiety that comes with growing up, healing and questioning if anybody really likes you.

    Watch the music video for RISKY and listen to the full record on bandcamp below.

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