site changes and zine translation

    by judge russell

    January 27 2021

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    Hi guys! It is a snowy morning here in Western Massachusetts, I am about to go to work on my day off to use the printer and get a free lunch, and then drive to the RMV to finally get a new license. Now the liquor store clerks will stop trying to call the cops on me cheeky

    Anyways, I'm here to tell you that I've changed the site and posted my first work of translation! A translation of a zine I've retitled Free Sample (A Sample of Freedom) by Guadalupe Rivera is available in the Translated Works section of this site. Just click here to read it! You can also click Translated Works up top to see all the posts tagged as that.

    Hope you enjoy & take care!

    -- judge

    amherst, mass 1/27/2021

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