new music

    by judge russell

    February 21 2021

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    the days just keep passing by up here in western mass. this weekend I participated in a game jam with a cool idea that did not get finished, but one day i'll get something up online. what i did wind up getting up online this weekend however is my new single RED JACKET that I wrote and recorded a little while ago. my new record will be a lot more like this than anything else that I've put out before. it's supposed to be music to dance to.

    the weekend before, me and ariya and alex put out the first Twill single, MELT ME DOWN which is something I'm very proud of. if you like soothing music, check it out. otherwise I'm just chilling ................... and by chilling I mean absurdly busy and worried about the future. more on that later however... until then,

    see ya when i see ya

    - judge

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