• until the rock and roll in your heart dies

    by judge

    June 22 2022

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    I stopped the record to listen to the rain. The last words were God sent me a vision of the future. The music has stopped. The rain continues. I'm looking for a job. The rock and roll in my heart has not died. 


    Titus Andronicus - The Airing of Grievances (2008)

    透明雜誌 (Touming Magazine) - 我們的靈魂樂 (Our Soul Music) (2010)

    Number Girl - Sappukei (2000)

    Niños del Cerro - Lance (2018)

    Citrus - Wispy, No Mercy (2000)

    Los Planetas - Pop (1996)

    Strange Ranger/Sioux Falls - Rot Forever (2016)

    LVL UP - Return to Love (2016)

    Rocketship - Thanks to You (2019)

    Queen Moo - Mean Well (2017)

    Television - Marquee Moon (1977)

    and many more...

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